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This is a great place to discover the life that God breathes into St. Dunstan's parish through all of the liturgical, pastoral and administrative activities of the parish.  As God continues to help us live the mission of this Christian Community, we see this as an excellent avenue to share information and offer guidance about ministries and opportunities to serve you.  We welcome your interest and participation.

Father Bill Brennan, Pastor.

Heading 6
Weekend Mass

Hi Parishioners,

We continue for this weekend (March  6/7 to be in the Orange Level. this means that for the Masses at St. Dunstan's Site and Sts John and Paul Site you need to call the parish office (444-6001 and sign up.


We will be Live Streaming Sunday Mass at 10 am on Sunday Morning on our parish website. To access the Live Streamed Mass, google 'St. Dunstan's Church Fredericton' and click the 'Website' icon. You will see 2 video screens on the home page. Under these videos is a 'Click Here' icon that will put you into the Live Stream Mass. The Mass will be uploaded to the Website so you can view it anytime.  With our Bulletin this weekend we will send you links to Televised Masses if that is an avenue you would like to take.


Also, if you desire and can do so safely, you will be able to receive Holy Communion in your vehicle between 11:15am  and 11:30am in the Parking lot of St. Dunstan's Site.  Please wear your mask when you receive Holy Communion in your vehicle.  To assure everyone’s safety, please do not come for Holy Communion  if you or someone in your household bubble are waiting for a COVID 19 test result or have been asked to self – monitor for symptoms over a 14 day period and are still within that time frame or are self-isolating . As well,  please do not come for Holy Communion if you or someone in your household bubble is having any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, runny nose, loss of taste or smell).

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You can access our youtube live stream page here

Weekday Mass



Masses are cancelled

until further notice



Parish Tel:   506.444.6001


Fr. Bill Brennan

Business and Facilities Manager

Michael Minifie

Secretary and Bookkeeper

Marlita Chase

Parish Fax:    506.444.6006

Parish Email:    stdun@stdunstansparish.ca

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